Cloud-based PACS for Cardiology


Thinking Systems Corporation is the one and only company that provides comprehensive PACS/RIS solutions for nuclear cardiology. It also leads the industry in providing cloud-based PACS/RIS solutions for remote viewing of echocardiogram and cardiac cath images, and template driven structured cardiology reporting.

Key Features
  • Requires only consumer grade broadband connection for workstations, and even 4G for mobile devices
  • Nuclear cardiology image reconstruction from raw projection data
  • Nuclear cardiology quantification analysis with INVIA’s Corridor 4DM, Cedars Sinai’s QGS/QPS, and Emory Cardiac Toolbox
  • Template driven structured reporting for nuclear cardiology
  • DICOM gateways for interfacing with non-DICOM gamma cameras and nuclear medicine workstations and translating proprietary image data to DICOM 3.0 data
  • Cardiac PET quantification analysis with INVIA Corridor 4DM, Cedars Sinai’s QPET, Emory Cardiac Toolbox
  • Echocardiogram image review with hanging protocol, measurements, and template
    driven structured reporting
  • Cardiac cath image review and measurements
  • Image comparison between nuclear, echo, cath, and CTA
Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Built on 64-bit Windows Server platform
  • Real-time performance matches or even surpasses that of local applications with locally cached data
  • Support multiple monitors on client computers
  • Support all major computer platforms for client

    • Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
    • Mac
    • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Full workstation functionality on all devices