Cloud-based PACS for Nuclear Medicine


Thinking Systems Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in providing
comprehensive PACS/RIS solutions for nuclear medicine. Its technology offerings
encompass the entire spectrum of nuclear medicine, starting from interfacing with
gamma cameras and converting proprietary data to DICOM when necessary, to
advanced imaging processing for nuclear cardiology, PET-CT/SPECT-CT fusion, brain analysis, and general nuclear medicine processing..

Key Features
  • Requires only consumer grade broadband connection for workstations, or even 4G for mobile devices
  • Comprehensive PET-CT/SPECT-CT fusion functions including 2D/3D SUV, MIP, triangulation, size measurement, alpha blending, window/level, gamma adjusment, etc.
  • Nuclear cardiology processing, quantification, and structured reporting
  • General nuclear medicine imaging processing (MUGA, renal, gallbladder, gastric emptying, SPECT, lung V/Q, etc.)
  • Special image display protocols for each image type with color lookup tables
  • PET cardiology quantification analysis
  • SPECT and PET brain quantification analysis
  • DICOM gateways for interfacing with non-DICOM gamma cameras and nuclear medicine workstations and translating proprietary image data to DICOM 3.0 data
  • CD publishing with fusion software burnt-in
Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Built on 64-bit Windows Server platform
  • Real-time performance matches or even surpasses that of local applications with locally cached data
  • Support multiple monitors on client computers
  • Support all major computer platforms for client

    • Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
    • Mac
    • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Full workstation functionality on all devices