Cloud Radiology


Cloud-based PACS/RIS for Radiology

Thinking Systems Corporation is not only the world leader in providing the most advanced specialty PACS solutions, but also provides one of the most comprehensive, robust, feature-rich, and highly efficient radiology PACS/RIS in the industry.

Key Features
  • Requires only residential broadband connection for workstations or 3G/4G for mobile devices
  • Supports all radiology modalities, including CT, MR, CR/DR, ultrasound, fluoro, etc.
  • Advanced features such as hanging protocols and presentation state
  • Multiplanar reconstruction with advanced features such as thick slab, curved
    reconstruction, etc.
  • Advanced visualization with MIP and surface 3D rendering
  • Essential diagnostic tool sets such as window/level (linear and non-linear),
    measurements (linear, angular, area, perimeter, ROI), annotation, pan, zoom,
    rotation, etc.Compare studies of different modalities
Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Built on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit platform
  • Real-time performance matches or even surpasses that of local applications with locally cached data
  • Support multiple monitors on client computers
  • Support all major computer platforms for client

    • Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 7, Vista, and XP
    • Mac
    • Mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Android,
      Windows Mobile
    • Full workstation functionality on all devices