Cloud-based RIS


What makes Thinking Systems’ RIS-PACS solution different from other vendors’ is that, at their inception, ThinkingRIS™ and ThinkingPACS™ were designed and developed as one single integral system. This one-system design not only freed Thinking Systems from many of the challenges facing other companies that depend on high-level HL7 or proprietary integration to bring RIS and PACS together, but also makes Thinking Systems’ solution the most robust and seamless in the market. The ability to provide modality worklist to a wide range of devices, especially the ones that do not support DICOM, is another hallmark of Thinking Systems.

Key Features
  • Patient Management – Patient registration, patient information and document management, hardcopy document digitization.
  • Exam Ordering – Study and exam ordering, exam document management.
  • Scheduling – Multi-center study scheduling, walk-in patient scheduling.
  • Exam Management – Color-coded exam status display, detailed exam review, patient/study modification, exam rescheduling and cancellation/deletion.
  • Confirmation – Confirmation worklist, exam review, reschedule or cancellation.
  • Workflow Driven Worklists

    • Front-desk Daily Worklist – Patient and study forms, mark patients’ arrival, rescheduling.
    • Technologist Worklist – Technologist portion of report, mark study as completed (if modality scanner does not support Modality Performed Procedure Step).
    • Radiologist Worklist – Diagnostic image reading with ThinkingPACS™ or third party PACS tools, digital dictation, template driven report generation, report template creation, report generation with voice recognition, report printing.
    • Transcriptionist Worklist – Digital dictation playback, template driven report generation, report template creation, report generation with voice recognition, report printing.
    • Auditing Worklist – Report auditing and approval, digital dictation playback, image review with ThinkingPACS™ or third party PACS tools, report printing.
    • Referring Physician Worklist – Report review, image review with ThinkingPACS™ or third party PACS tool, report printing.
  • Film Tracking – Film inventory tracking and cataloging, film check-out and check-in tracking.
  • Form Management – Form creation with Microsoft Word, auto population of form fields with patient and study information from database, digitization of signed forms, form management.
  • Integration – Integration with third party reporting, dictation and PACS systems.
  • Administration – User and group creation and access privilege assignment, site and resource management, physician and insurance company management, user interface and server connectivity configuration, modality procedures management, ICD9 and CPT codes management.
  • DICOM Modality Worklist SCP – Allowing modality scanners and PACS to query scheduled procedures using DICOM Modality Worklist.
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step – Allowing modality scanner to update a scheduled procedure status as completed, discontinued or in-progress.
  • Import and Export – Export digital dictations as WAV files, export reports as Word files, DICOM Structured Reporting, or through HL7 interface.
  • Role-based Access Control – Based on assigned privilege, each user can only access authorized functions and information.

Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Built on 64-bit Windows Server platform
  • Support radiology, cardiology, and nuclear medicine modalities
  • RIS or PACS driven workflow
  • Support all major computer platforms for client

    • Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
    • Mac
    • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Full workstation functionality on all devices