Plug-in for 3rd Party PACS


Integrating Specialty Modalities to Radiology PACS

For most PACS implementations, traditional CT, MR, CR and DR are of primary concern. Not much attention has been paid to the other modalities. However, as hospitals and imaging centers move towards fully digital and filmless environments, it is becoming a necessity to include the more complex imaging modalities, such as PET-CT, SPECT-CT, nuclear cardiology, nuclear medicine, cardiac CTA, echocardiogram, general ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, cardiac catheterization and angiography, mammography and ECG. Subsequently, providing necessary clinical tools for these modalities is also becoming part of the requirements for PACS implementation. Some institutions deployed modality PACS (a.k.a. mini PACS) to handle these modalities with various degrees of success. However, such solutions are only available on dedicated workstations and provide no enterprise level access.

Thinking Systems Corporation not only provides comprehensive multimodality PACS-RIS solutions to institutions of all sizes, but also provides integrated solutions to third party radiology PACS to meet the demands for these modalities. Thinking Systems has integrated with several major enterprise PACS, including Philips iSite PACS, McKesson PACS, Fujifilm Synapse PACS, etc.

Thinking Systems’ ModalityBroker™ is key to the success of such integration. The main functions of ModalityBroker include the following:
  • Connectivity to DICOM Devices – Provides customized DICOM interfaces to individual devices and provides bi-directional data verification and validation to ensure data integrity
  • Connectivity to Non-DICOM Devices – Provides bi-directional data conversion to bring proprietary data from non-DICOM devices to PACS and send data back to the devices in proprietary formats when needed
  • HIS-RIS Validation – Validates incoming data against modality worklists provided by HIS/RIS and makes corrections when necessary to ensure the accuracy of patient/study information.
  • Image Distribution – Provides rule based automatic distribution of the specialty modality images to third party PACS
  • Data Streaming – Provides on-demand image streaming to PACS workstation with Thinking Systems’ MDStation software for image processing and reviewing
  • Auto and Manual Pre-fetching – Provides auto or manual pre-fetch of relevant prior studies from third party PACS to facilitate current-prior study comparisons
  • Short-term Data Caching – Provides short-term data caching to enable instant on-demand data streaming to workstation with Thinking Systems’ MDStation software
Thick-client Integration
For thick-client based radiology PACS, the front-end integration is normally done through Thinking Systems’ MDStation™ application suite. MDStation is Thinking Systems’ flagship multimodality PACS workstation. It is the one and only PACS workstation on the market that supports not only the essential PACS functions but also the advanced clinical tools that are specific to each modality and image type, such as PET-CT fusion, nuclear cardiology processing and quantitative analysis, general nuclear medicine review and processing, cardiac PET quantitative analysis, PET brain quantitative analysis, orthopedic templating, advanced 3D visualization, cardiac CTA analysis, and calcium scoring.
Thin-client Integration

For thin-client based radiology PACS, the front-end integration is done through Thinking Systems ThinkingWeb™ thin-client server. ThinkingWeb provides identical functionalities as MDStation, except through a thin-client.