Vendor Neutral Archive


Cloud-based Vendor Neutral Image Archive

At the heart of ThinkingPACS™ lies ThinkingArchive™, the state-of-the-art DICOM archive server that provides comprehensive and intelligent support for all modalities from all vendors. This robust archive server is built on the solid foundation of Thinking Systems’ very own DICOM library, with no limitation whatsoever imposed by any third-party DICOM toolkit. It is DICOM 3.0 2006 conformant and supports advanced features such as structured reporting, color and grayscale presentation states, key objects and hanging protocols, in addition to other essential archive server functions. Above all, it is adaptive to various DICOM flavors generated by various vendors’ modality devices, and can communicate with these devices bi-directionally.

Key Features
  • Vendor neutral – Supports all vendors’ DICOM flavors and communicates with vendors’ modality devices bi-directionally
  • Native Modality Support – Tailored support for each modality based on the DICOM standard specific to the modality
  • Highly Adaptive – Extremely adaptive and capable of communicating with almost any DICOM and non-DICOM devices
  • Open Architecture – Built on open architecture with off-the-shelf hardware, and the most advanced Microsoft 64-bit operating systems and database engines
  • Expandable and Always Online – Provides expandable and always online image archive with all image data stored on spinning hard disks
  • Scalable – Scalable, both functionally and financially, to meet the demands of institutions of all sizes
  • Disaster Recovery – Robust, multi-tiered and cost-effective disaster recovery systems tailor-built to fit each individual organizations’ needs and budget
  • Simple, Intuitive, Robust and Powerful – Simple and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides robust, powerful, and full-featured image archive management functionality
  • Unparalleled Advanced DICOM Server Features

      • Automatic HIS/RIS validation
      • Rule-based automatic image retrieval from modality devices
      • Rule-based automatic image distribution
      • Automatic synchronization with deep archive
      • Image importing from removable media (CD/DVD)
      • Image publishing on removable media (CD/DVD) with specialized image viewer that provides modality specific viewing tools, including image fusion